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Private Label Link Exchange Verification 3.3

Private Label Link Exchange Verification 3.3: Resell rights private label reciprocal link verification Verification software gives you the ability to spider entire websites in order to find and verify links. Just enter your website, the websites that link to you, and how many links you expect there to be on each site. The software does the rest! The sortable results list allows you to see verified links, missing links, and much more! An in-program browser allows you to view the webpages that link to you with the click of a button! Scan specific URLs

Hyper Hasher Suite 6.0.4: The ultimate utility suite for file hashing and checksum operations.
Hyper Hasher Suite 6.0.4

The Hyper Hasher Suite will fulfill all your file hashing needs. Hyper Hasher allows you to calculate 26 different hash/checksum and HMAC values for any file on your system, while the HashFile utility adds support for MD5 & SFV file creation and verification. These tools feature advanced options including a unique customizable interface, configuration saving, optional windows shell integration, Pentium 4 optimizations for speed, and much more!

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E-mail Spider and  E-mail Verifier 6.60:  bulk email marketing software solution.E-mail Verifier.
E-mail Spider and E-mail Verifier 6.60

Professional targeted e-mail address search and extract software. It has powerful ability to search and spider web from a starting-point such as search engine, any web url or any CGI page to extract email addresses.Professional e-mail address verification tool.Rapid and accurate test-mail address is real and effective.

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Skalinks Links Management Script 1.5: Link management script with links checking and advanced ads system.
Skalinks Links Management Script 1.5

SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept. Software features: script installer; links exchange; Advanced backlink verification; Open editors system; Multiple editors managing their own categories and links - build an open DMOZ-like directory; Permalink control.

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tkCNC Editor Text editor for CNC code (G-code) with 3D toolpath simulation
tkCNC Editor

tkCNC Editor is a text editor, specially designed for editing of CNC code (G-code) for CNC machines. It is used by CNC programmers and operators for fast editing and verification of NC code. tkCNC Editor supports G-code syntax highlighting, multiple undo/redo, print preview, fast block renumbering, generation of circular and rectangular point patterns, smart templates, mirroring, translation, rotation of coordinates, 3D toolpath simulation...

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ListWizard Simple-to-use distribution and mailing list manager with many advanced features

ListWizard is a mailing list manager. Lists can be configured as simple distribution lists or full-featured mailing lists. There is no limit to number of lists or members that can be managed. The program is simple to use yet has many advanced features like subscription verification, password protection, list moderation, feature to ban selected members etc. In addition, all response messages can be customized to suit your own taste.

password protected, auto subscribe, moderated, mailing list manager, distribution

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Mail Star/Mail List [9]{1,15}

verification software can be used to validate individual addresses or process huge address lists. Mail STAR address correction software also provides USPS CASS address verification service to your applications. AES provides the world’s most comprehensive suite of mailstream software, hardware, services and solutions to help companies manage their flow of mail, documents and packages to improve communication. AES takes an all-inclusive view of its

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